This venetian epoxy terrazzo sample is produced with Terroxy Resin Systems, by Terrazzo & Marble Supply.


• Impervious Binder Material for Optimal Sanitary Performance and Stain Resistance
• Attained Greenguard Gold Certification. No VOCs During or After Installation
EPDs Environmental Product Declaration  & HPDs Health Product Declaration 
• Can Contain Up to 70% Post Consumer Recycled Content
• Seamless Hard Surface is Easy to Maintain
• Now available in Red List Free epoxy binder. *Note Red List Free formula comes with a premium. Please consult with your representative for additional information.
Minimum thickness is 5/8" - 3/4"

Physical Properties:
• Compressive Strength (13,920 psi. min)
• Flexural Strength (4500 psi. min) 
• Tensile Strength ( 4800 psi. min)

Available Formats:
- Poured in Place
- Precast Terrazzo Stair Treads
- Precast Terrazzo Flat or Cove Base
- Precast Terrazzo Cladding for Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces
- Terrazzo Tile

Technical Documents:

3 Part CSI Terrazzo Guide Specification

Terrazzo Detail Files