La Collezione Palladio

La Collezione Palladio is steeped in history. Terrazzo (Italian for “terrace”) dates back to the 15th century when Italian artisans began to utilize left over marble remnants in ornamental terraces, piecing them together and eventually embedding them in clay, grinding them smooth and sealing them (with goats milk) to bring out the luster and shine. The closest example of that today is referred to as “palladiana” which is a terrazzo style that incorporates fractured or cut marble pieces that are hand-laid according to the desired design. After the marble is fully adhered a terrazzo mix is then poured and troweled into the spaces between and the entire floor is then ground and polished together resulting in a tapestry of design and craftsmanship. This is as bespoke as Terrazzo gets and is nothing short of breathtaking. Our Palladio collection offers a carefully edited selection of palladiana in a range of colors and styles. Porta il tuo portafoglio!