Parklex Prodema Samples

It starts with a beautiful, hand-selected, real wood veneer. Next, the natural wood is transformed during a proprietary process that bonds resins and specially engineered surface layers to the veneer. The result is a full range of enhanced wood products, engineered for improved durability, hardness, abrasion resistance, and moisture stability. All of these characteristics become integral to the finished wood. That means with Parklex Prodema, you get all of the beauty of real wood with NO ongoing maintenance such as sanding or refinishing that is traditionally associated with other wood products.  

Parklex Prodema is rated for commercial and other heavy use areas. The improved performance and durability allow our products to be used for new applications such as high humidity conditions- even in wet locations like showers.

And because Parklex Prodema offers multiple formats, you have the ability to keep a consistent appearance throughout your projects- from floors, to walls, to ceilings and beyond.